The Comfort Zone Season 2

by K-JiL

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The Comfort Zone Season 2 is the sequel to K-JiL's 2012 release. It's the continuation of the heroic tale of a voiceless, young boy who was chosen to be the lead undadog of the dimension known as JiLville. Back in 2012 however, he became stagnate in his Loft on Sunnyside drive in JiLville and decided to no longer lead his fellow undadogs. He was then punished by being sent for quite the wake up call to the darkest of dimensions known as the Comfort Zone. Season 2 is full of more bizarre episodes, much like season 1 and continues the format of Rod Serling's, "The Twilight Zone" with a brief narration to introduce each episode (song). This season is once again narrated by the brilliant, Edmond Cofie of Redco. Films. Be sure to follow K-JiL on this journey as he searches for the exit from the comfort zone. The music is composed by Carl Dennis, who also composed for Season 1. He adds many elements to this eccentric album with the keys, guitar, drums, bass and even live horns! Also on many of the guitar tracks is David Wright. He adds some energetic riffs that gels perfectly with Dennis's composition. You're in store for some funky tracks!


released June 2, 2015

Kevin K-JiL Jenkins (writer/producer/vocals), Carl Dennis (composer/producer), David Wright (guitar), Edmond Cofie (narrator)



all rights reserved


K-JiL New York, New York

K-JiL hails from the Promise Land of the underdogs, JiLville. His latest release, "The Comfort Zone Season:1" is now available! This project follows K-JiL, who has been trapped in the comfort zone. He receives a rude awakening when everything he knows, is transformed to a number of bizarre events. Stay Tuned! ... more

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Track Name: Episode 1: Animo Sity (starring R.E.D. the Dangerouz)
Even in a city where everyone's the same
They still find reasons to hate, to blame, it's just a shame a shame
Even in a city where everyone you know, are all equally purple, they show
Animosity, tee, tee
Track Name: Episode 2: Typewriter
Create a life for me
That I've always wanted to live
Let your perception of me
Be far above average
This present life I see
Is not one to be envied

Just wanna typewrite my life
Track Name: Episode 4: Eye of the Beholder (starring Anthony Anglero)
It's up to you on how you see me
When I look at me I see beauty
It's not so hard for us to all find
You could see it, but you're just too blind
Track Name: Episode 6: Dream of Wings

When I'm awake
It's a nightmare
So I fall asleep
And I have a dream
When I have a dream
The only thing I see, are my wings, my wings, so I can fly far
Far and Far away
Dream of wings and fly away, Aye
Track Name: Y.B.R. (starring Von Stacks)
Sometimes you have to follow to lead
Sometimes following, is just what you need
Oh, Oh
Follow, oh, oh
follow, oh, oh
the yellow brick road,
Road oh,oh, oh